Offering a range of kind, effective, reward based training and behaviour services for you and your pets.

Behaviour services

These private sessions are aimed to discuss specific problems you may be having with your pet.

  Problems may include: aggressive behaviour (reactivity) to people or other animals, fears or phobias, repetitive behaviours, separation related problems etc.  

Dog Training Classes

We offer a range of training classes catering for puppies through to adults.  

Our Puppy Beginner classes are the perfect start to training your puppy and then our Puppy Advanced classes builds further upon this training.

  We also offer puppy socialisation ‘Urban Paws’ walks.  
Our fun Scent work classes are open to all ages.  

If your dog can be 'reactive' around dogs/people then we also have our 'Gnashurr Club' and 'Tyke Walks' which gives structured exposure to other dogs/people in a controlled and managed environment. 

Meet the Team

We have a dedicated team of Clinical Animal Behaviourists and Animal Training Instructors who are all highly skilled and experienced so you can be assured you are getting the best up-to date knowledge and support for you and your pet.